Types of moving boxes

There are very many sizes and shapes of moving boxes, and every person embarking on a Birmingham house move should know this. Yes, you cannot underestimate the importance of using the right size and shape of moving box for the right item. Do you know that moving boxes of different types and shapes are designed in a way that they will be appropriate for the items that will be moved in? They are designed for different weight carrying capacities, and they should be used for the designated weights, or the items will be exposed to risks.
Moving boxes for pillowsFirstly, you have to know that it is not every box that is appropriate for packing. The specifically designed moving boxes must be used. Each of the items you will be shipping will require a unique box of a particular type, shape, size and material. Because of this, you should know the types of boxes available and the items they are meant for. This will help you when you want to purchase packing boxes for your shipping abroad from Coventry or any other removals. However, if you are getting full services from the Wolverhampton removals companies, you do not need to worry about this, as they will take care of your removal from the packing to the delivery. They already know the best boxes to be used. Actually, it does not matter whether you use a moving company or pack on your own, whether you move with the use of man and van services or consider the pros and cons of air shipping, packing items in properly chosen boxes is one of the key factors to successful and safe relocation.

Large moving boxes

Large moving boxes are boxes of 4.5 cubic foot. These huge boxes are specifically designed for the packing things of big or odd shape, especially the ones that are too bulky for smaller boxes. When you pack in this box, do not put too many items so that it will not become too heavy to lift and carry. This is particularly true when you hire man van Soilhull and intend than the mover will help you carry the boxes into and out of the vehicle. You cannot endanger his good condition. This huge box is used in transporting or moving clothes that are on hanging rails, kitchen goods that are not breakable, children’s toys, linens, stainless plates and Tupperware.

Medium boxes

Boxes of medium size are ones with the size of 3.0 cubic feet. This is used for the packing of those small but heavy items that are actually too big for the small 1.5 cubic foot boxes. With this box, you can pack and move items like electronic gadgets, pots and pans, small outdoor tools, small kitchen appliances, lamp bases and other items of similar sizes.

Small moving boxes

Small moving boxThese are all boxes that are made of cardboard. The smallest of these has 1.5 cubic foot as its standard size. With this, you can pack and move smaller items that are a little bit heavy. This is the box you will use in packing your books, canned goods and foods, VCRs, CDs, records, keys, personal effects, and other smaller tools. They come in a rectangular shape and can also be square shaped. When you want to move special items that fall within this size, you can customize the box to suit the item you want to ship with it.

6.0 cubic feet boxes

When you consider the boxes for general purpose packing, you will encounter this as the largest of all of them. When you want to make use of this size of box, then you should be aware of the fact that it is used in packing several light items. This box is very large, and because of this, it is never appropriate to pack heavy items in it. If you make that mistake, then the box will be practically impossible to carry, unless with moving dollies or when it is lifted by many people. This is best for the packing of your stuffed toys, pillows, winter coats, pots and cutleries, small rugs and blankets, etc. Moreover, if you do not plan moving in Sutton Coldfield, such box may come in handy either way. You can store your winter clothes in it, or keep your favorite teddy bears in your attic in this kind of box, making sure they will not get dirty.

Boxes for special purposes

Large cardboard boxThere are also some boxes that are meant for the carrying of particular items, and they are desired in such a way that they will have the capacity to accommodate those items specifically. One of them is the box for wardrobe clothes, and it is designed in a square or rectangular shape. Moreover, if you have a specific type of move like office removals Birmingham, you can expect that you can find a sort of boxes for this particular reason. Therefore, there is the file box which is used in transporting office files. This comes in different sizes, including the 15x12x10 and 24x12x10 sizes. They are also designed with handles, so that it will be easy for anybody to carry them. The office moving box is also meant for the packing and removal of office tools. It comes in different sizes, and with a handle.  They come in different sizes like 37x4x31-61, 48x4x33 and 48x4x37-60. There is also the picture box which also comes in different sizes, with a handle for easy carriage. Another type of box in this line is the small wardrobe box with a size of 20x20x45, and the large one with a size of 24x20x48. For your mattresses, there are also the king mattress box and the queen mattress box. Whenever you get the appropriate box for your item, packing and moving becomes easier and safer for you and for your belongings.