Pros and Cons of Air Shipping

Air cargo shippingAir shipping is one of the methods of international delivery offered by a lot of shipping companies in Birmingham.  It comes with lots of benefits. But there are some disadvantages that are associated with it too. Many of the packages that are shipped to far distances from Birmingham to Australia, USA, Canada or other destinations, are done through the air system. The tradition that is becoming prevalent is that you can just walk into any of the offices of DHL, UPS or FEDEX and drop your shipments, pasting an overnight shipping sticker on them, only to have your package in your destination the next day. With this, the shipping times are reduced to the barest minimum. With this, the amount of errors that are witnessed when shipping items through the ground method offered by local removal companies Birmingham is eliminated or reduced, and people won’t have to wait for weeks before their urgent items get to them.

One may argue that air shipping is very good and because of that the pros are more than the cons. This is right, but there are still some cons that should be taken care of.  

Air shipping pros

The pros of the air shipping system include the fact that it makes it easier for businesses to ship things from Birmingham. It also insures that the interaction between people is more enhanced by the way people send and receive things. But these are on the general level. The benefits in particular include the fact that it is a faster way of shipping. The speed is one of the ultimate benefits. When you ship your items from Birmingham to USA or Australia  and receive it in the other continent the next day, you will realize that air shipping is wonderful.

Pros and consAnother pro is the fact that this gives some level of guarantee for safety. This is the safest way to ship things because once your item is packed in the cargos, it remains there till it gets to the final destination, and this happens within few hours. But the land system entails that your item stays for weeks on transit, and because of this, the possibility of many hands touching it exposes it to lots of damages.

Air shipping also offers the opportunity to ship variety of items. This is because of the fact that it makes for safe and fast shipping. There are some items that are perishable in nature and you cannot ship them with the slow land method that will keep them on the road for days and weeks. The best option here is to use the air method. This makes it the best method for the shipping of goods of different varieties.

There is also less chances of damages occurring or happening to your goods when you ship through this method. The less handling that your item will witness will also insure more privacy as well as safety. The next major pro of air shipping is that flight is a smooth ride unless there is a crash, but the road is one bumpy ride and there are very many issues and circumstances that can delay or hamper the delivery of your items. Things like road closure, breakdown of vehicles, accidents and many others can just happen and hamper the shipment.

Cons of air shipping

The cons of air shipping are numerous, though they can be managed. It is always reasonable to acknowledge the fact that there are two sides to every coin. You are bound to run into some complications when you ship through air too.

The number one issue with air shipping is the issue of cost. This system of shipping is very expensive. The cost has risen in the recent past to the extent that some people cannot afford it any longer. The reasons for the increase in the cost of air shipping are akin to some factors. The first is the fact that the management and maintenance of the cargo planes used in shipping or transporting of these items have also gone up. The cost of the aviation fuel which the air planes run on increases as the cost of gas goes up in all parts of the world, and this affects the airlines directly. On the other hand, the fact that there is a huge demand for air shipping also aids in jacking up the price. Just like every other commodity out there, the increase in demand brings about an increase in the cost of the service.

The next cost is the limitation in the size of items you can ship with this. This is a major one also. Because you are shipping your packages thro also we do not take any ugh the cargo planes, you will encounter a limited space on each of the planes for items.  Now, you have to accept that the plane has weight and space issues as regulated by the FAA. The plane that flies high up cannot carry more than its capacity to avoid having problems on the air. Because of this, there are some things you cannot possibly ship through air because of their size and weight, and the only option to have it delivered is to use services like man and van Birmingham, where you can get a dedicated van, so you can accommodate the entire space of the van for your items.

Another problem is that of bad weather. Whenever the weather is inclement, it affects the air shipping so much. This may even get to the extent of all airports being closed down because of the risk of flying on such weathers. But this is not the case with land system as such will not affect it.